The amount of sleep and the quality of rest a child
gets each night has a direct impact on mental
and physical health.

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The amount of sleep and the quality of rest a child gets each night has a direct impact on mental and physical health. Sleep is essential to everyone, but children’s bodies rely on the time spent in deep sleep to allow growth hormone, released from the pituitary gland, to circulate throughout the body and regulate bone and muscle growth, metabolism, fluids, and other functions. Interruptions of the deep sleep cycle can lead to severe compromise of these vital functions and to other concerning symptoms as the problem persists.

Research into sleep health and child neurological conditions have uncovered concrete links between behavioral issues and learning difficulties and the quality of sleep a child has each night. Lack of consistent healthy deep sleep cycles has also been found to cause issues with daytime fatigue, allergies, incontinence, and ADHD.

Many parents already put a high value on their child’s rest each night and have set bedtime routines and schedules to ensure that their child has a full night’s sleep but, that may not be enough. Even with a full 9-11 hours of sleep airway restrictions caused by the child’s underdeveloped jaws and throat muscles can cause frequent pauses in breathing during the night which interrupts healthy deep sleep cycles.

When the child’s breathing is interrupted during sleep, the normal oxygenation levels in the blood drop limiting the supply of oxygen to major organs like the brain and heart. These frequent pauses in breathing over time can pose a serious risk to overall health and compromise brain function.

Researchers predict that over 80% of children suffer from some sort of sleep condition that is directly related to breathing interruptions and most of those cases are undiagnosed. An estimated 50% of children diagnosed with ADHD present with some symptoms of sleep disorder.

Misdiagnosis of symptoms of sleep conditions are common in children and because the statistics of the presence of sleep disorders in children are so high, it’s highly recommended for every parent to explore sleep and airway evaluation when looking for answers.

Breathe Well Central Oregon is highly skilled in successfully treating child sleep disorders and airway obstruction sleep interruptions with non-surgical, medication free solutions. Every child deserves sufficient rest for the energy and clarity to do their best every day. If your child is struggling in school and at home with their behavior and performance, has regular mood swings and irritability, exhibits signs of hyperactivity or fatigue and has difficulty focusing, call us today for an evaluation.

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